About us – Kgole Holdings

About Us

What We Do?


Our company provides ergonomic technology solutions to help improve productivity and save costs to individuals, businesses and other organisations existing in their respective sectors.

How We Do It?


We commit to a high quality of professionalism and direct management and oversight of every project, while paying attention to maximising customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?


We keep your procured services actively operational, through close monitoring and active, rather than reactive support, reducing down time and costs.


Kgole Holdings is a fully black owned technology solutions company founded in 2015, with an ambition for business development and growth. We take pride in our team of highly skilled, competent and talented individuals, utilising the latest technologies based on general industry trends, location and size factors.

With the immense development and rapid changes of IT environments and solutions, we saw the need to make sure all businesses (small, medium and large) in their respective sectors are able to keep up with the ever changing digital trends by offering tailored solutions to meet their everyday business operational needs.